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ASNE Day 2016 - Technical Paper Session 1 : Wednesday, March 2, 2016 1400-1545

DEMATL & Energy Storage 


Author: John Cordle

Title: Revitalizing Shipboard PMS, Out with the MIP, in with the APP


Issue: The Planned Maintenance System (PMS) is the foundation of Navy maintenance. However, the current system is rooted in printed media, has a high ratio of administration to performance, and fails to leverage current technology to maximize the effectiveness of today's Sailor.

Discussion: The average age of a Navy Sailor is 24. PMS, the process used by Sailors to maintain equipment is twice as old and has not changed much in five decades. If the Navy desires to revitalize the way it performs PMS given the demographic that is walking in the door, it must reinvent PMS to mirror the way this generation learns and performs. Hands-on, visual and audible learning already is available on every smartphone: via applications (Apps). This paper will describe a process whereby the basic building blocks of PMS - the Maintenance Index Page (MIP) and the Maintenance Requirement Card (MRC) - could be replaced with a series of Apps.

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