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ASNE Day 2016 - Technical Paper Session 3 : Thursday, March 3, 2016 0945-1100

Ship Structures


Authors: Barkan Kavlicoglu, Yanming Liu, Huseyin Sahin, Michael Mckee

Title: An Adaptable Shock and Vibration Isolation Mount


Advanced Materials and Devices, Inc.’s (AMAD) VSG system1 is an adaptable, flexible, and rapidly reconfigurable fail-safe shock absorber system to vertically support payloads within the same size and weight envelope on current and future submarines, as depicted in Figure 1. Controllable adaptive mount systems are fail-safe, i.e., in the event of an electrical system failure the isolator retains a passive elastomeric performance.

AMAD’s fail-safe system utilizes a smart elastomeric material that has controllable stiffness properties. The system is equipped with sensors and a controller that allows continuous monitoring and mitigating of shock and vibration loads. The control system automatically adjusts the stiffness of the VSG system within milliseconds to react to shock and vibration events, for variable payloads supported within the launch tubes.

AMAD’s smart VSG system has been designed, modeled fabricated and successfully laboratory tested with representative payload weights. The system along with its controller hardware and software have been designed and analyzed for use on Tomahawk launch tubes and can be scaled up to the D-5 platform. Laboratory testing has demonstrated the shock and vibration mitigation capabilities, operational and non-operational temperature and humidity, seawater exposure, hydrostatic pressure, fail-safe, extreme temperature and extreme pressure requirements set by the US Navy.

The VSG design presented here is protected under US Patent No. US8820492 B1.

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