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ASNE Day 2016 - Technical Paper Session 1 : Wednesday, March 2, 2016 1400-1545

DEMATL & Energy Storage 


Authors: Stephen Kuznetsov

Title: Hybrid Energy Storage Module For Large Scale Ship Pulsed Power


This discusses several rotating machinery and system options for large scale Hybrid Energy Storage Modules (HESM) which are applicable to several naval ship platforms. The technology encompasses both medium voltage AC and medium voltage DC ship distribution systems up to 20 kVDC with equal emphasis. The basic configuration uses a combination of high-density battery storage combined with high speed compact rotating machinery/inertial storage to serve a wide range of pulsed power loads ranging from 600 kW size to 30 MW. One example is shown for a surface combatant and a second example is shown for an aircraft carrier application with a 13.8 kV main power distribution whereby HESM supports the radar system. The upper range of output energy/pulse shown by example is 200-250 MJ.

Raytheon, starting in 2012, has developed a “Synchronous Modulator” high power rotating machinery concept which uses a combination of multi-port electrical machine/inertial storage combined with high density electro-chemical storage. This provides a buffering and protective control of the electro-chemical subsystem in view of the harsh electrical environment of the pulsed power loads. The multi-port electrical machine in the form of a fast-response induction generator allows specific enhancements, such as power density, to a wide range to ship machinery compared to conventional lower-density synchronous generators with typical densities of 0.5-1.0 kW/kg. The new multi-port machine technology also allows a specific extension of battery life and reliability beyond which would otherwise be operated at these power levels. The high speed induction machinery and composite flywheel are presented as an enabling technology to reliable use of high density lithium battery storage on naval ships and is able to demonstrate key critical technologies directly applicable to the larger scale pulsed power for loads such as the naval railgun.

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