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ASNE Day 2016 - Technical Paper Session 2 : Wednesday, March 2, 2016 1600-1730

Unmanned and Cyber


Authors: John Sajdak and Sean Woods

Title: Use of Integrated Recoverability Model to Assess Network Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks


The definition of naval survivability denotes the ability of a ship and its on-board systems to remain functional and continue the mission in a man-made hostile environment. The traditional evaluation of survivability focuses on determining the susceptibility, vulnerability and potential recoverability of the ship when subject to physical weapons. In the 21st century however, the cyber threat has become as real a threat to navies as the mine, torpedo, missile, artillery, aviation and electronic warfare. Any data exchange, however brief, provides an opportunity for a cyber threat to monitor, interrupt, or damage information and combat systems. Recognizing the potential harm to naval assets, the US has developed the ‘Shift-Left’ program to build in cyber-resilience earlier into system design so that acquisition programs assess vulnerabilities early enough to influence designs. This paper discusses the concerns of shipboard cyber-survivability and details the functionality of the Integrated Recoverability Model (IRM) network connectivity simulation engine to analyze different system alignments, component characteristics and interfaces in order to determine a vessels vulnerability to cyber-intrusion. Throughout this paper, the authors demonstrate the applicability of IRM to assess a networks cyber-resilience so that acquisition programs can assess vulnerabilities using in-situ software early enough to disrupt the cyber-kill-chain.

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