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ASNE Day 2016 - Town Hall 3: Thursday, March 3, 2016, 1040-1100


Town Hall in Exhibit Hall – Session 3 of 3: Engineering Distributed Capability 

  •  Anant Patel, Major Program Manager PEO IWS 7 (Future Combat Systems) 
  •  Denise Spencer, Chief Architect, IAMD Technical Authority (Missile Defense Agency)

These leaders will discuss the current trends, challenges and needs in delivering force-multiplying distributed capabilities into complex joint environments. Mr Patel will focus on the fire control aspects associated with Navy's new Navy Integrated Fire Control -Counter Air (NIFC-CA) capability. Ms Spencer will highlight the Joint approach being taken to develop a Common Operating Picture under the IAMD Tech Authority effort and the challenges of developing C5I solutions in the current tactical and acquisition environment.

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