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Title: Investigating and evaluating consistency metrics to help establish better defined System Requirement Specifications for Phased Array Radars  
Author: Matthew Tompkins, T.C. Defense 


Requirements Engineering (RE) is critical for the success of future Department of Defense (DoD) development projects. Of recent, many projects have resulted in cost overruns and degraded product performance associated with inadequate RE, specifically during the requirements elicitation phase. Perhaps one of the most obvious inadequacies is the inconsistency of requirements, which can be responsible for cost overruns and failure of the product to meet mission requirements. As such, it is essential to properly measure and validate the system’s requirements. There are a myriad of published concepts for applying consistency metrics, but most have not been proven or applied to a robust set of requirements so that DoD could implement such a process. This paper presents an approach to be implemented during the elicitation phase to ensure that requirements are consistent with their respective objectives and constraints. Furthermore, this study surveys consistency metrics for evaluating requirements by considering given objectives and constraints and tests how these metrics work on complex systems. Specifically, metrics are applied to a Phase Array Radar System. For 4 different radar programs, using these findings, we developed an Analysis of Alternatives thru comparing SRS results.