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The 2017 Combat Systems Symposium is scheduled for December 4-5, 2017 at the Washington Navy Yard Catering and Conference Center.  

Theme: Positioning the Combat Systems Engineering Team for our Navy’s Future

“Surface forces provide our nation with credible combat naval power at and from the sea in order to control the sea at the time and place of our choosing for the Joint Force to project power. We will do this by providing our warships with the tactics, talent, tools, and training to deceive, target and destroy enemy forces, and by instilling this warfighting ethos in the crews that fight our warships. The strategy serves as our call to action to build, organize, train, and equip surface forces that can fight and win today, tomorrow and beyond.” —VADM Tom Rowden, Commander, Naval Surface Force

The 2016 ASNE Combat Systems Symposium looked at the CNO’s “A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority” (Version 1.0, January 2016) and applied it to the theme of: Strengthening Naval Power from the Sea: Combat Systems Lines of Effort for Maintaining Maritime Superiority. The 2017 ASNE Combat Systems Symposium will focus on one of those lines of effort; specifically, how we will position the Combat Systems Engineering Team for the Future.

The two day symposium will showcase Navy Leaderships, Engineers and Industry Leaders who will address, discuss, and debate the following topics:

  1. New Trends in Systems Engineering: We will look into new and upcoming processes and how they will impact and improve our combat system products and capabilities from a Systems Engineering perspective;
  2. Fleet Tactics, Talent, Tools and Training (T4): Tactics, Talent, Tools and Training are all critical to executing Sea Control. We will discuss how are we mastering all four tenets in order to enable our sailors and our ships to successfully control the sea;
  3. Engineering Combat System Speed to Capability while Strengthening the Team: We will examine how we are rapidly designing, developing and fielding Combat Systems capabilities while strengthening our Engineering Team in the process. Building the “right” future Fleet and modernizing our existing ships are vital and necessary steps for maintaining maritime supremacy. We will discuss initiatives ASNE members are undertaking to ensure we deliver a Surface Navy that can fight and win today, tomorrow and beyond;
  4. Distributed Lethality and the Fleet Tactical Grid: Distributed Lethality (DL) reinforces fleet initiatives that drive collaboration and integration across warfighting domains and is essential in the return to sea control utilizing the three tenets of DL: (1) increase offensive lethality of all warships; (2) distribute offensive capability geographically; and, (3) give ships the right mix of resources to persist in a fight. We will examine what Sensor, Weapon, and Combat Systems will be fielded to support Distributed Lethality and the Fleet Tactical Grid;
  5. The Digital Revolution: We will examine the role and impact that the digital revolution and “Big Data Analytics” are having on Combat Systems Engineering. We will discuss our ability to incorporate and utilize new data in combat systems quickly and effectively, positioning the Combat Systems Engineering Team for our Navy’s Future

“In order to achieve the desired outcome of this strategy, we must rededicate the force to attain and sustain sea control, retain the best and the brightest, provide advanced tactical training, and equip our ships with improved offensive weapons and hard kill/soft kill options. Pursuing these ends will enhance our capability and capacity to go on the offensive and to defeat multiple attacks.” —VADM Tom Rowden