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Collaborative Events

FMMS is known for hosting important collaborative events that bring the fleet maintenance and modernization community together under one big tent. Some events restrict attendees, and others are unrestricted, but they ALL bring key stakeholders to the symposium.

FMMS Scholarship Golf Tournament – This is an exciting opportunity to mingle, network and share an enjoyable outing with colleagues and customers before the conference starts, while supporting a great cause. 100% of net proceeds go to the ASNE Scholarship Fund.  For more information, click here.

Table-Top Exhibits at Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center – A small preview of FMMS exhibit hall right in the heart of the Navy’s command central for regional maintenance. For information, please contact Andy Vasquez.

Ship Tour at NOB Norfolk – An afternoon onboard an aircraft carrier is always inspiring! Remind yourself why you LOVE supporting ships and the sailors that serve on them. For information, please contact Andy Vasquez.

Drydock Requirements Forum – Commander Navy Regional Maintenance Center will host a Navy-Industry discussion with shipyards and maintenance planners on drydock best practices.  For information, please contact Jeff O'Donnell for Dale Hirschman: jeff.odonnell@valkyrie.com.

U.S. Navy Port Engineers Training Symposium – More than 120 of the Navy’s primary maintenance brokers, integrating their schedule with FMMS to meet with exhibitors and attend key sessions. For information, please contact Ron Spano.

USCG Naval Engineers Leadership Forum – Coast Guard leadership, Product Line Managers and other maintenance professionals meet to discuss best practices, future strategies, and participate in FMMS to share knowledge across the services.

INDP - Industry/Navy Discussion Panel – (formerly JINII). Hosted by Commander Navy Regional Maintenance Center in partnership with the Shipbuilders Council of America. To register, click here.

Surface Ship Corrosion Abatement Roundtable – Addressing THE single most costly shipboard maintenance issue in the fleet, estimated at 25% of the Navy’s annual maintenance budget.  For information, please contact Andy Vasquez.

Board Meetings – by affiliated professional organizations, the Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA) and American Maritime Modernization Association (AMMA).

Professional Development Courses: 

Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Business Management: Understanding the Forces that Shape the Industry, Part I & Part II (Sept 12th & 15th)