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Title: Waterborne Ship Maintenance and Modernization, “Yes We Can”

Author(s): Patrick Keenan, CAPT, USN (Ret) and CAPT Richard Schwarting, CAPT USN (Ret), Phoenix International Holdings, Inc.


In both U.S. Navy and Commercial ship repair, dry docking a can significantly impact operational availability and add additional costs to the life cycle support of the ship. Many propulsion, hull and mechanical repairs can be effectively accomplished while the ship remains afloat. Waterborne repairs are certified as permanent, in many cases, and do not require additional work during the next scheduled dry docking.

This paper will highlight several recent successful waterborne repair and modernization projects and make recommendations for the increased use of waterborne repairs. 

 The paper will address the following topics.
1. U.S. Navy Projects
a. DDG Rudder Repairs
b. DDG1000 Propeller Installation
c. SSN Towed Array Capstan Motor Renewal
2. Commercial Projects
a. Cruise Ship Environmental Modernization
b. Bulk Tanker Shafting and Propeller Repairs