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Title: The Wide Ranging Benefits of Corrosion Inhibitors

Author(s): David Sharman Ph.D. and LCDR Marc Milot, USN (Ret.); Transhield, Inc.


A wide range of industries have been reaping the benefits of corrosion inhibitors for more than 75 years. The warfighter can and does reap the benefits of corrosion inhibitors in its many forms. This paper provides a general overview of corrosion inhibitors and their growing use across a range of industries before focusing on the protection of Department of Defense assets. These assets range from the use of corrosion inhibitors to ameliorate lead leaching in water pipe and corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete related to military base operation to corrosion in ballast tanks, hydraulic systems, engines, long term aircraft storage and advanced protective covers providing short and medium term corrosion protection. The paper explains the need to blend vapor phase corrosion inhibitors when employed in advanced protective covers in order to both protect multiple metals and to provide short and medium term corrosion protection, providing a superior corrosion control solution to the warfighter.