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As the "war on corrosion" has become a top priority of the US Navy, US Coast Guard, MSC, NOAA, US Army, DoD, Congress, and foreign navies, Mega Rust has become an invaluable forum for the defense-related engineering community at-large. On this note, the nation's top Fleet, industry and academic leaders will gather in San Diego this June to examine the latest innovations in corrosion control and coating technologies for naval and maritime ships, craft and aviation systems.

Throughout Mega Rust 2016, the most current and pressing Fleet preservation issues will be discussed by professionals in the government, military, shipyards, intermediate and depot level repair activities, research facilities, ship owners/operators, and coatings manufacturers and suppliers.

As in the past years, ASNE is closely coordinating with key government organizations to solidify their roles in the Mega Rust 2016 program and to make it as easy as possible for government/military personnel to attend and participate in the highly valuable educational event.

Please keep in mind that we are offering significantly reduced registration rate for all active duty military and civilian government attendees; thus, once again expect significant involvement of personnel from local area naval bases, NAVSEA/NAVAIR commands, various military installations, regional maintenance centers and the Department of Defense at-large.

For questions or further details, please contact Mike Huling or call 703-836-6727.

Current Exhibitors