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Title: Composite Materials Components for Reduced Maintenance and Total Ownership Cost

Authors: Maureen E. Foley and Richard Y. Park

Abstract: The Annual Cost of Corrosion Survey performed by LMI Consulting in 2006 found that the Navy spends approximately $2.5B annually on corrosion control for ships and submarines. In addition, preservation is the largest single maintenance cost in most depot-level maintenance packages. For over 10 years, NSWCCD has been funded to develop composite materials based components for surface ships to reduce the maintenance burden due to corrosion. This presentation will highlight the composite components that have been transitioned to the fleet (composite electrical enclosures, grating, and vent screens) along with recent updates to this technology. Composite Deck Drains, MIL-PRF- 24758A composite end fittings, DDG51 Class Deck Drain Trough Cover Plates, and composite stowage boxes will be presented as components that are currently in process of transitioning to the fleet. Additionally, several development projects targeted for future transition will also be presented.