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Title: Best Practices Discussion - Surface Ships

Author: Bart Bowdish


This discussion will include information on the details of the preservation of the USS Bataan, Bush, Eisenhower, and Iwo Jima. Details will focus on key successes of the preservation operation and improvements needed to be more efficient. Successes involve communication between subcontractor and general contractor, respect, and problem solving. In addition, leadership, quality assurance, equipment and schedule were identified as successes. Improvements highlighted are: Structural (TAO’;s repairs and zinc installs and non-skid applications), CFR Process, Pre planning/Work Integration and Safety.

Introduction – background on projects, general contractor and subcontractor
Application slides – photos of specific applications for each project
Key Successes – as noted above
Key Improvements – as noted above
Recommendations – collaboration of subcontractor and general contractor after review of Improvements