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Title: Unprecedented Anti-Corrosion Coating Performance without zinc, chromate, or lead

Authors: Sue Wang, Jianguo Wang


Corrosion has long been seen as an unstoppable natural force that can silently destroy any barriers engineered by mankind. Under the tyranny of corrosion, toxic heavy-metals have been employed to provide high performance corrosion protections, and there is no environmentally friendly solution existed. Even the current market standard environmentally compliant zinc is still a marine pollutant. And it is not effective under severe corrosion environment. And zinc cannot protect light metals and zinc galvanized steels. With current heavy-reliance on zinc for corrosion protection will soon lead to zinc reserve depletion, expected 11 years from now. What should we use to continue the corrosion protection?

We successfully developed the first heavy-metal free (green) heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating using our unique environmentally friendly conductive polymer nano dispersion (CPND) as anti-corrosion pigment to replace current heavy-metal based anti-corrosion pigments such as chromate, lead, and zinc. Surprisingly after world-record 13,000 hours of independent salt fog test (ASTM B 117), and still no rusting or blistering. We only stopped the test because the results were impressive enough comparing to the 2,000 hour of testing zinc-rich coatings can reach. This coating also received unprecedented perfect tape adhesion test results for each replicates after 8,000 hour of salt fog attacks.

This coating is created by replacing the heavy-metal anti-corrosion pigments used in the time-tested existing formulations with CPND and adjust the coating chemistry to form an effective barrier to corrosion. This coating is thin, light-weight, surface tolerant, and self-sealing from scratch and pinhole damages.

Regardless any other innovation in anti-corrosion coating technologies, they always use heavy-metals to provide high performance corrosion protection and the corrosion test results had always stayed about the same. This CPND coating success is historical to anti-corrosion coating technology development. And this is the next generation environmentally friendly super strength anti-corrosion coating platform that could be used to protect all kinds of metal substrates under all sorts of corrosive environments. Per Coating’s Pro Magazine: AnCatt environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating platform can provide unprecedented anti-corrosion performance to all sorts of metals. Per PCI Magazine: This is the first non-chromate coating that has out-performed hexavalent chromate coatings. It is also the first heavy-metal free heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating technology. AnCatt received LAUNCH Green Chemistry Award last year at NASA Kennedy Space Center.