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Title: Shared Energy Storage Prototyping to Solve Expeditionary Warfighting Challenges

Author(s): John Fassino; Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division


The Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division (NSWC Crane) led a phased innovation approach to solve power and energy challenges for the Expeditionary Warfighting community.  Special Operations Forces (SOF) and United States Marine Corps (USMC) users expressed concern with lack of silent watch capability for ground vehicles.  A collaborative team of stakeholders rapidly developed a prototype solution to these problems and conducted an operational demonstration of the solution to the user community.  The solution included the introduction of lithium-ion 6T vehicle batteries, custom developed state of charge indicator, and the modular, scalable battery pack leveraging BB-2590 batteries.  The prototype system increased silent watch by 180% for the SOF vehicles and was demonstrated for the USMC as part of the Great Green Fleet Event.  This paper will detail the unique warfighter driven innovation approach utilized to rapidly develop the prototype system as well as the technical details of the prototype functionality and operational testing.