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        The Promoting Electric Propulsion competition has quickly grown into one of the strongest workforce development programs for students interested in robotics, mechanical engineering, and maritime solutions. PEP 24 featured 36 universities, 42 boats in Virginia Beach, and 35 qualified boats. For context, the first collegiate PEP in 2021 at the US Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore had 6 collegiate teams.

We invite you to find your future workforce and support this non-profit STEM program.

37 PEP 25 Universities

Engineering Community with Heart

What is PEP?

PEP is the Office of Naval Research program focused on today's workforce development. Teams build crewed and uncrewed craft with speed and strength necessary for today's operations.

Crewed Teams: Harnessing Electric Power

See more at navalengineers.org/Buffalo.
See more at navalengineers.org/WashingtonCollege.

Uncrewed Teams: Tomorrow's Navy

See more at navalengineers.org/UW-Madison.

PEP's 100s of Engineers Achieve Success

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Annual competitors, like Princeton, and first-year teams, like Arkansas Tech, have passionate, innovative student engineers. Pushing boundaries and developing the skills that will empower any organization into the next decade. These students understand how to work with power, put it to use efficiently, work within a team environment, and find solutions to challenging problems. Help us get these bright, enterprising students into our industry!

Princeton: Record-Setting Team

See more at navalengineers.org/Princeton.
114.20 mph record-setting run: princetonelectricspeedboating.com/recordevent

Arkansas Tech: Engineering Success

See more at navalengineers.org/ArkansasTech.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We can support your workforce development needs by connecting your organization with these students from their initial design through the capstone competition.

PEP Supporter PEP Sponsor PEP Champion
Schools supported: 3 Schools supported: 10 Schools supported: 20
Unlimited job postings
Recorded job discussion
Unlimited job postings
2 live job webinars
Unlimited job postings
4 live job webinars
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Logos on: Team Boats
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Full-page ad in Naval Engineers Journal Inside front cover ad in Naval Engineers Journal Front page, back cover ads in Naval Engineers Journal
Public SM thanks from ASNE Public SM thanks from ASNE and PEP teams Public SM thanks from ASNE and PEP teams
Press releases in 3 national publications
  Title sponsor of pre-PEP event Title sponsor of 2 pre-PEP events
$25,000 $100,000 $300,000

Support HBCUs, Two-Year Institutions

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We have the expertise and drive to support a wide range of schools through this program. HBCUs have had tremendous success in PEP with students already joining companies like Lockheed Martin and Duke Power. This year, Madison Area Technical College even finished second out of 25 schools in the uncrewed divisions. Bring us your partners and we can help them grow!

Howard: Robotics Leaders on the Water

See more at navalengineers.org/Howard.

Madison Tech: Masters of Testing & Iterating

See more at navalengineers.org/MadisonTech.

Support Tomorrow's Navy Today

Please contact us to discuss any opportunities you foresee at education@navalengineers.org.


PEP 25 Teams Committed

University of Rhode Island William & Mary Texas A&M
Florida Atlantic University Princeton University Washington College
North Carolina State Wake Forest University University of Pittsburgh
University of Kentucky University of Iowa Stevens Institute
Stevens Institute Johns Hopkins University of Connecticut
University of Georgia University of Wisconsin Virginia Tech
Syracuse University University of Notre Dame University of Buffalo
University of Buffalo Northeastern University University of Central Florida
University of Virginia George Mason University Vanderbilt University
University of Tennessee-Knoxville University of Alabama Auburn University
Virginia Commonwealth University Howard University University of Illinois
Georgia State Madison College Stony Brook
Arkansas Tech Elon College (new 2025) Old Dominion University (returning 2025)