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The Office of Naval Research has a 7,200 square foot pavilion at the upcoming Naval Future Force Science & Technology Expo, in addition to large, static items. All of the technologies that will be on display in the ONR pavilion are listed below.

Augmented Warfighter

  • Acute Care Cover for Severely Injured Limbs (ACCSIL)
  • Automated Critical Care System ACCS
  • Auto-Sedation Pump
  • Blast Algorithm & Sensosr
  • Comprehensive Oculometric Behavioral Response Assessment (COBRA) device
  • Conformal wound cover bandages
  • Cortical Metrics Blast NAT
  • Dive Buddy Remotely Operated Undersea Vehicle
  • Dive Helmets Mounted on Breathing Machine
  • Diver Ascent Capsule Mockup
  • Diver Augmented Visual Display
  • Diver Biometric Device
  • Diver Drag Unit Mockup
  • Diver Heating/Cooling System (DHCS) Tube suit and Heat Pump
  • Electronic Sonar Tactical Decision Aids (TACAIDS)
  • Entegrion Plasma
  • Extensor for Lightweight Atmospheric Diving Suit
  • Force Health Protection (FHP) Continuum of Care General Purpose Tent
  • Head-Mounted Augmented Reality Display
  • High Dexterity Robots
  • HoloLens Interactive Tactical Decision Games
  • Hypoxia Alert and Mitigation System (HAMS)
  • Joint for Lightweight Atmospheric Diving Suit
  • Mannequin out front
  • MK29 "Eugene" Diving System
  • Modem Over IP Biomet implanted in bone
  • Modem Over IP Communication Device
  • Modem Over IP Socket
  • Physiological Monitoring Tools
  • Polymer Claw Adhesive
  • Rapid Terrain Generation and Modification tools
  • Semper Fi Air tablet
  • Semper Fi Land Brain Cooling Device
  • Shipboard Aircraft & Equipment Movement Planner

Integrated and Distributed Forces
  • Ballistic Panels
  • Exchange of Actionable Information at the Tactical Edge (EAITE):
  • Flashing Light Text Converter
  • FlexDAR Mutual Coupling Array
  • Integrated Topside (InTop)/EMC2 Phased Array Apertures
  • Local Reality of the Electromagnetic Vector Potential Simulations Display
  • Low-Cost Phased Arrays Manufactured by 3D Printing
  • Man-Packable Expeditionary Tactical Server (METS)
  • Mantabot – Next Generation Sea Robot
  • Medium Displacement Unmanned Surface Vehicle (MDUSV) "Sea Hunter"
  • Moving Artillery Round (MTAR)
  • Slocum Glider
  • Spray Glider
  • SWARM Boat model
  • Tactical Line-of-Sight Optical Communications Network (TALON)
  • Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node (TERN) model

Operational Endurance
  • Additive Manufacturing Fuel Cell Display
  • Additive Manufacturing video
  • Arctic Research
  • Energy Systems Technology Evaluation Program (ESTEP)/NEPTUNE
  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)
  • Lightweight Innovations for Technology (LIFT)
  • Mixed Gas Rebreather (MK 29)
  • Power and Energy Research
  • S&T Being Incorporated into Future Naval Combatants video
  • Ship of the Future Touch Screen of Power and Energy Technology
  • Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces
  • Total Platform Cyber Protection Innovative Naval Prototype and Cyber Security
  • Wave Energy Testing Site (WETS) Device and Mooring

Scalable Lethality
  • Direct Lay Laser Mortar Sighting System
  • High Energy Laser Lethality and Counter Directed Energy Weapons
  • Hypervelocity Projectile
  • Lethality Display of Test Articles
  • Lethality Testing video
  • Stand-off Capability for Early Detection and Threat Localization
  • TechSolutions Projects video

Sensing and Sense-Making
  • Cyborg Locust
  • Expendable Doppler Penetrometer
  • Model of Seismic and Hydroacoustic Data Acquisition System (SHDAS) Sensor Package
  • OmniGlobe Satellite Prediction System
  • Plant Sentinel Synthetic Biology
  • Research Vessel Display/Brochures

Large Static Displays
  • Draco Robotic Leg
  • Fuel Efficient Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR)
  • Ion Tiger Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Non-mobile Robot with Arms and Head Manipulation and Interaction
  • Octorotor Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) with Orbital Traction Fan
  • Pliant Energy Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle/Remotely Operated Vehicle
  • Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR)
  • Submersible Quadcopter
  • Swimmer Delivery Vehicle
  • Unmanned Gibbs Quadski vehicle