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ASNE Day 2016 - Technical Paper Session 4 : Thursday, March 3, 2016 1100-1230

Additive Manufacturing


Author: Dhiren Marjadi

Title: Leveraging Additive Manufacturing in Product Design



The field of additive manufacturing is fast evolving with significant levels of funding and effort from industry, academia and government. While there are unanswered questions and challenges such as accurate material property characterization and speed of throughput for mass production, many industries are successfully leveraging additive manufacturing. Incorporation of additive manufacturing capabilities in the traditional design manufacturing process has enabled organizations to achieve a combination of weight reduction, performance gains, and cycle time reduction. These benefits are further enhanced when the technology of topology optimization is employed in the design process.

This presentation will focus on the complimentary nature of additive manufacturing and topology optimization. There will be a discussion of how additive manufacturing has impacted the incorporation of topology optimization technologies in the design process, and how through this incorporation, additive manufacturing becomes a more powerful, capable, and cost effective manufacturing solution. Several real life case studies, from a variety of industry verticals, such as automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer products, medical devices, and sporting goods, will be presented to illustrate the interconnectivity of additive manufacturing to topology optimization and how each makes the other a more powerful part of the overall design process.

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