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Title: Zinc Alloy Thermal Spraying – Developments for Improved Protection and Reduced Maintenance of Ship Superstructures and Hulls


Author: Frank E. Goodwin Sc.D.


Ship superstructures rely primarily upon the barrier function of paints to control corrosion of steel components. Hulls traditionally depend upon anodes to provide protection. Thermal sprayed zinc alloys offer improved abrasion resistance, both barrier and sacrificial corrosion protection mechanisms and longer lifetimes between maintenance. Recent developments will be presented.

Outline of the key points to be made

  • Description of zinc alloy thermal spray application equipment and techniques compatible with shipboard and shipyard practice
  • Offshore wind energy exposure experience relevant to ship maintenance
  • Corrosion test results for Zn, Zn-Al and new Zn-Al-Mg thermal spray coating alloys
  • Case studies of steel ship hulls and superstructures protected by zinc thermal sprayed coatings

Conclusions or recommendations

  • Offshore experience with thermal sprayed zinc alloy coatings offers the potential for reduced maintenance of steel superstructure and hulls