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PEP 2024: A Tremendous Success!


Electric Boat Competition Sparks Interest in Naval Science Careers

by Rebecca Ward
From: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/469203/electric-boat-competition-sparks-interest-naval-science-careers

Student engineering teams from Princeton, Washington College and the University of Alabama have won first place in their respective events at the “Promoting Electric Propulsion” (PEP) boat races, sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE).

In just six years, this electric boat-building competition has grown from a single university to 34, with more than 200 students who took part in the five-mile races on Broad Bay in Virginia Beach. Dr. Steve Russell, program officer, Sea Warfare and Weapons department, said he launched the PEP competition with a colleague from ASNE, Dr. Leigh McCue, and Tim Cullis, Naval Sea Warfare Center Carderock, after seeing a public race by local hobbyists in the Chesapeake Bay.

“It gave us the idea this would be a good way for the Navy to get engineering students interested in electric propulsion, so we did it.”

Russell said they are reaching hundreds of science and engineering students every year. The PEP racing event not only offers students valuable learning experiences, it provides the Navy and Marines with a workforce for the future.

“The goal is to create a pipeline of graduating engineers who have worked on a suite of problems that are currently issues within the U.S. Navy. They come out of school after having designed and built a boat like this, and learning about high power electronics, propulsion, hull design, cooling and boat stability – the naval architecture parts of it,” Russell said. “So far, we’ve hired many of them into the warfare centers and our industry partners.”

Continue reading at: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/469203/electric-boat-competition-sparks-interest-naval-science-careers

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Welcome to the PEP24 Showcase!


University of Alabama

1st Uncrewed Overall


Tremendous uncrewed PEP24 performance!

Completed 5 laps in 33:45

Alabama PEP details at:

Arkansas Tech University

2nd Overall Displacement!


Thrilling first-year team!

5 laps in 27:21

Arkansas Tech details at:

University of Auburn

7th out of 33 (uncrewed)


Incredible first-year performance

4 laps completed; sleek design

Auburn PEP details at:

University at Buffalo

Disp. Team: 3rd Overall!

Uncrewed: Tested 5 mi. in 8:57


Two amazing teams!

Collaborations with Buffalo Maritime Center

Both teams celebrated at:

Florida Atlantic University

3rd Overall Uncrewed


Continued success

5 laps completed; 78.6 points

Florida Atlantic PEP details at:

University of Georgia

2024 Qualifier!


Delivered successful uncrewed craft

Great faculty support!

Georgia PEP details at:

Georgia State

2024 Qualifier!


2-year school; complete build

First-year competitors

Georgia State PEP details at:

George Mason University

16-foot uncrewed craft!


Year+ build process

Multiple competitions

George Mason PEP details at:

Howard University

2nd Best Report (tied)


Impressive uncrewed PEP24 performance!

Completed over 1 mile

Howard PEP details at:

University of Iowa

2024 Qualifier!


Carderock interns & new employees

Iowa PEP details at:

Johns Hopkins University

2nd Best Report (tied)


Incredible surfboard design

Strong machine shop work

Johns Hopkins PEP details at:

University of Kentucky

Mud Marine: 3 miles

Port-Side Productions at PEP24


Two amazing teams!

Successful uncrewed run of Zodiac

UK PEP details at:

Madison Technical Area College

2nd Overall Uncrewed


Absolutely Amazing Performance!

5 laps completed; 35:20

Madison Tech PEP details at:

NC State

2024 Qualifier!


Delivered successful uncrewed craft

Traveled over 1 mile

NC State PEP details at:

(NU Wave)

2nd Report (tied)


Traveled over 1 mile

37.2 total points

NU Robotics PEP details at:

Notre Dame

2024 Qualifier!


First-year clubs

19.1 total points

Notre Dame PEP details at:

University of Pittsburgh

Uncrewed Zodiac


Successful club, continually growing

PITT PEP details at:

Princeton Electric Speedboating

1st Overall Planing!


Dominating 6:17 time

Continually growing team!

PES PEP details at:

Stevens Institute

2nd Overall Planing
& Uncrewed Competitors


2nd Fastest Time (14:36)

3 student team; 2 qualified craft!

Stevens PEP details at:

Stony Brook University

Successful engineering marathon


18 students grinding for 36 hours

Glorious in-water run

Stony Brook PEP details at:

Syracuse University

2024 Qualifier!


Energetic 3-person Team

Started an Orange tradition

Syracuse PEP details at:

University of Tennessee

4th Overall Disp.


47.4 overall points

3 laps in 46:02!

Tennessee details at:

University of Central Florida

11th out of 33 (uncrewed)


Over 2 miles completed

44.0 total points

UCF PEP details at:

University of Rhode Island

Uncrewed 3rd Fastest
2 qualified craft!


Meteor: 78.2 overall points

Sea Tinh: 45.7 overall points

URI PEP details at:

University of Virginia

First-Year competitors


Strong five-person team

Great faculty support

UVa PEP details at:

Vanderbilt University

6th out of 33 (uncrewed)
Best Report Score 2024!


Fast! 3 laps in 18:02

Strong planning and documentation

Vanderbilt PEP details at:

Virginia Commonwealth University

2024 Qualifier!


Great design; strong foundation

15.9 overall points

VCU PEP details at:

Virginia Tech

5th out of 33 (uncrewed)!


Well-designed, fabricated craft

60.1 overall points

Virginia Tech's PEP details at:


Wake Forest University

6th Overall Displacement


Fast! 3 laps completed, 20:57

33.8 overall points

Wake Forest PEP details at:

Washington College

1st Overall Displacement!

3rd Overall Planning


Trimaran: 81.1 points

Monohaul: 76.2 points

Washington College PEP details at:

William & Mary

2024 Qualifier!


Well-designed, beautiful craft

18.2 overall points

William & Mary PEP details at:

University of Wisconsin-Madison

10th out of 33 (uncrewed)


Crewed & Uncrewed Competitors

Uncrewed: 47.1 Overall Points

University of Wisconsin PEP details at:

University of Illinois

1st year; 24 student engineers


Did not compete

Local in-water testing

Illinois PEP details at:

University of Michigan

Annual Competitor


Targeting Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

UMEB PEP details at:

Texas A&M University

Tremendous PEP24 volunteers


Craft wasn't ready

Still lent a huge helping hand!

Texas A&M PEP details at:


Overall Results




Race Results




Presentation Results




Report Results




Thank you First Landing State Park!